CPA Halifax

Swain & Associates Chartered Accountants Inc. has a team of Halifax CPAs that is one of the most experienced in the business.

Our CPA team includes:

  • John Swain, CPA, CA
  • Mark Feindel, CPA, CA
  • Marilyn Tremere, CPA, CGA 
  • Michelle Mansfield, CPA, CGA 
  • Samantha Crouse, CPA
  • Lori Messenger, CPA, CA

There is a uniqueness to this team of CPAs that makes up our group special. From John's Swain's desire to be the president of an accounting firm that reduces anxiety while providing personalized support to small businesses, to Mark Feindel's ability to help countless families keep more of their hard-earned dollars or Marilyn Tremere's impeccable customer service, you won't find a team better equipped to assist you.

If you are in Halifax call us 902-406-4474 or simply click here. We'll discuss your needs and find the right CPA to the job for you.