Meet The Team Players

Our dedicated and experienced team has a strong reputation for providing anxiety reducing and inspiring services. But, we're so much more than just your typical accountants. Read on and get to know the team!


John once lived in Bermuda. For some reason sun and sand just didn’t appeal to him the same way as the cold, harsh, Nova Scotia winters. Despite this quirk John is, last time we checked, perfectly sane. So we’ll have to suppose his love of Bridgewater comes from family ties and long standing community connections. When not pursuing his dream of being the president of an accounting firm founded on the principles of providing anxiety reduction and personalized support for small business owners, he’s cooking, playing old-time rock& roll, and fussing just a little too much over his hair. He also, along with his wife, encourages his two daughters to be the best people they can be through community involvement and charitable giving.

Before hanging his own shingle John worked with excellent companies like Grant Thornton, Bank of Bermuda, and Olympia Capital.

John’s community investment includes being a Committee Member of ‘Christmas on the LaHave’, Past Director Bridgewater Area Chamber of Commerce, Past Director Lunenburg West PC Association, Founding Chair of Lunenburg County Young Professionals Network, Past Director of Finance St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Past Deputy Grand Knight Knights of Columbus, current Board Member with Devour! The Food Film Fest.


John Swain, CPA, CA
(902) 543-1044 ext. 302


Like almost every other child you know, Mark had perfectly reasonable dreams for his life. This ol’ South Shore Boy was going to be a pro skate boarder and a musician. But unlike most of the young people you know, he really did become a professional drummer!

After signing with a local record label Mark experienced the glitz and glamour of being a professional rock star. While he slept on floors, uncomfortable couches, and made just enough money to get to the next show he began to think “hey man, maybe this isn’t for me”. That was the epiphany: Working hard to make no money, or handing it over to the tax man, is not right.

Thanks to that epiphany he has spent nine years as a tax accountant. He has helped countless families keep their hard earned dollars. You’ll be happy to know though, Mark still jams and skates from time to time to nurture the dreams of that good ol’South Shore Boy, and to show his two young step-sons that playing hard is just as important as working hard.

Mark gained experience with the likes of: KPMG, Grant Thornton, M.W. Feindel, Chartered Accountant Inc., etc.

Mark digs his community. His community investments include: Past Treasurer of the Chester Municipal Chamber of Commerce, Past Facilitator of Junior Achievement Canada, and past Chair of the Grinders Square Skatepark Committee.


Mark Feindel, CPA, CA
Vice President - Tax Services
(902) 543-1044 ext. 311


Remember that TV show NUMB3RS? Well, Marilyn is nothing like that guy. But she does feel quite at home working with digits. After studying at business college this South Shore native decided to apply for a summer job with a local bank. Thanks to a magical passing of time that summer job lasted 23 years! After that summer finally ended she sought out the challenge of the CGA program. Combined with her impeccable customer service, this makes her a valuable asset, and also a pretty awesome human being!

Marilyn is the thrifty one in her family. This makes her an ideal shopping buddy. Sadly, this isn’t a service Swains currently offers but it is of great help to her husband and two children.

Her alter ego is the Crazy Bird Lady. Her mission in life to attract Sesame Street’s Big Bird to her yard. You’d think we’d tell her that he’s not real, but we were too impressed with the Big Bird sized feeder in her back yard.


Marilyn Tremere, CPA, CGA 
Manager - Bridgewater Office
(902) 543-1044 ext. 306


Michelle’s favorite pass time is going to truck pulls. We’re still not entirely sure what that is, but we imagine it means she’s very strong. So, in addition to the typical accounting duties of an Acadia educated CGA, Michelle is also the office enforcer. The office enforcer with more than a slight Disney obsession. Add the fact that Michelle has also been cast as the office “techy person”, it’s easy to see that she’s one complicated lady…who pulls on trucks…and loves Winnie-the-Pooh. Michelle really is all things to all people, and we love her for it!


Michelle Mansfield, CPA, CGA 
Senior Associate
(902) 543-1044 ext. 307


Samantha recently completed the requirements for both an undergraduate degree and an accounting designation. This experience was easily comparable to Frodo Baggins setting out and destroying the One Ring. But Sam also has volunteering, a family, and a career in the mix so Frodo had it a little easier.

Sam is the Chairperson for the Small World Learning Centre, which sadly does not involve the shrink ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. But they do have a mission to engage “mind, body and spirit through quality early childhood education” which is a pretty close second to a shrink ray.

At the office Sam is keen on providing the highest level of customer service, and has even overcome language barriers on an international level to be there for clients. When the aliens finally arrive we have no doubt that she’ll be the one diving into their books.


Samantha Crouse, CPA
Manager of Operations
(902) 543-1044 ext. 303


If you take a walk through the woods on the right long weekend you may find the wild Tabatha in her natural environment. She may be hunting, fishing, or even four wheeling. But be sure to not disturb her habitat because the Tabatha is known to be a very tidy and organized creature. She must be, in order to keep up with her young offspring and mate.

When the rare and wonderful Tabatha is placed in captivity she immediately sets her sites on growing her career with Swain and Associates. And then, as a reward for all of her hard work, the Tabatha settles in with a glass of red and a good book. 


Tabatha Risser
Assistant Staff Associate
(902) 543-1044 ext. 304


Like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Patty wasn’t born so much as she rose from the sea. The office may hold her, but it certainly can’t contain her. Every summer she heads to her camp- her personal oasis- by the sea. Those summers with her friends and family sooth her soul and calms her inner beast. Though, even her inner beast is still pretty great to be around.

While the beach is her place of rest, the office is her place to shine. She’s perfected the art of customer satisfaction and keeps the office in line and running smoothly. She’s the happy and smiling face you see when you first enter the door of our Bridgewater office. 


Patty Mansfield 
Corporate Associate
(902) 543-1044 ext. 308


All you really need to know about Logan is that he and his father once jumped out of an airplane, on purpose.

But if you’re still curious about him, we can go deeper. He’s a Bridgewater boy through and through, but he took the opportunity to move to Halifax for life experience and to grow with Swains.

As a millennial, Logan is automatically assumed to be good with software and apps. Luckily this is actually the case because he’s our office expert on both Xero and Quickbooks Online.

When not at work Logan likes to get lost around the city or in the woods. It’s fine. This is what a chip tracker is for.


Logan Church
Assistant Staff Associate
(902) 406-4474 ext. 305


In a dark and scary time known as the 1980’s a balloon full of wit, sparkle, and just a hint of sarcasm exploded, leaving behind the human equivalent of a wink and a smile. Armed with only her sense of humor and the Star Trek catalogue, Cat aimed to take on the world… or at least planning the next office charity initiative. When she’s not greeting clients with a coffee and a smile she’s dreaming about the next sci-fi convention and new ways to make her friends laugh.

Community: Catherine is co-organizer of an annual collection called Project Sunscreen, where she and her partner collect summer-related items that many of the homeless go without. She is also an annual supporter of The Coldest Night of the Year, a 5k walk to fund ARK, a local youth shelter. As much as she despises mustaches, she also supports her husband’s Movember endeavours. 


Catherine Chapman 
Administration & Public Relations - Halifax Office
(902) 406-4474 ext. 351


As the President of Nova Scotia Powerlifting, Ryan is remarkably good at picking up heavy things and putting them down again. He has other attributes, like 17 years of business development experience, a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Masters of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University, but we just keep waiting for him to be the next Hulk.

Outside of his career and power lifting, Ryan’s other passion is the family he’s grown with his wonderful wife. No word yet on if his children are green and/or muscular.



Ryan Kells, B.Comm, MBA 
Business Development
(902) 266-7229


Captain Nemo, Indiana Jones, Dora- what do these great explorers have in common? They loved to travel and explore almost as much as Ginette! This great explorer leads an expedition team compromised of her wonderful husband and their two children. They hike, camp, and even surf all over the Maritimes. Their latest adventure has landed Ginette on the door steps of Swain & Associates and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a Staff Associate… the day job she happily uses to fund her expeditions.    


Ginette Thompson
Staff Associate
(902 )543-5535


Lisa hates shopping, but since she’s a strong believer in irony so her first bookkeeping position after graduating from NSCC Luneburg was at a retail hardware store. She isn’t one to shy away from commitment, considering she held that position for 25 years!

Don’t tell anyone, but Lisa is secretly a polar bear. This is the only reasonable explanation why she enjoys getting out snowshoeing in the winter instead of hibernating like the rest of us. When the weather turns warm Lisa transforms from a polar bear to a mermaid, basking in the sun and spending valuable time with family.


Lisa Conrad
Staff Associate

(902 ) 334-2553